The Digital Credentials Consortium is advancing the use and understanding of portable, verifiable digital academic credentials in higher education through open source technology development and leadership, research, and advocacy.

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A University-Led Effort

The Digital Credentials Consortium was founded in 2018 by leading universities with expertise in the design of verifiable digital credentials. Together, we are designing an infrastructure for digital credentials of academic achievement.

Digital technology has a profound effect on the way we learn.

A wealth of materials is available to us at all times. We can easily connect with other learners, or communicate with our professors. Increasingly, technology is acting as personal guide that can support our individual interests and pathways. But the way we issue and manage academic credentials has not changed that much — and doesn’t take advantage of the possibilities of digital technology.

What would an academic degree look like if it was designed today? Or a professional certificate? Or a certificate for an online course? As the question of trusted verification and authentication of learning and credentials poses itself with renewed urgency we need to rethink the way we recognize and transact with academic credentials.

Our mission is to create a trusted, distributed, and shared infrastructure that will become the standard for issuing, storing, displaying, and verifying academic credentials, digitally.

Help us build the digital credential infrastructure that fits the future of education.

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