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Help us build an infrastructure for digital academic credentials that can support the education systems of the future. Join leading institutions from around the world developing this infrastructure and issuing digital credentials for your learners and graduates.

We invite you to get involved!

The Digital Credentials Consortium is committed to key values of learner agency, institutional autonomy and openness. We’ve designed our member offerings to provide value to the community at large while providing institutional members the focused support that they need.

The DCC does much of its technical work through open standards organizations including the World Wide Web Consortium’s Verifiable Credentials for Education (VC-EDU) Task Force and through our open source software. DCC members support this broad technical work for the benefits of higher education and post-graduate institutions globally.

DCC members focus on collaborative projects and individual institutional priorities leveraging the consortium’s technical leadership and expertise.

Joining the Digital Credentials Consortium begins with a conversation, please email us at

Member Benefits

For eligible non-profit or state-funded higher education or post-graduate education institutions, the Digital Credentials Consortium offers two levels of membership: Member and Core Member. Core Members are expected to be involved in the implementation of digital credential initiatives and are expected to contribute significantly to DCC.

Member Benefit General Public Member Core Member
Welcome to join DCC Community Calls
Can access DCC open source software (e.g., Github repositories)
Can receive general support for DCC open source software (e.g., via Github Issues)
Can make contributions to open source software (e.g., issue pull requests)
Can use open-source DCC software to issue digital credentials that are interoperable with DCC protocols
Open access to public whitepapers, reports, specifications and documentation
Open access to public credential verifier to verify any compatible digital academic credential
Open access to Learner Credential Wallet in Apple App & Google Play Stores
Through DCC, can influence open standards for digital credentials, representing higher education  
Can choose to have DCC endorse issuance of credentials (does not imply endorsement of credential content)  
Can vote to elect the DCC Leadership Council  
Can participate in DCC Working Groups (e.g., Technology Working Group and others to be determined)  
Can nominate “external experts” to participate on DCC Working Groups; the Leadership Council approves participation  
Can serve on the DCC Leadership Council, which sets and oversees DCC strategy    
Can be invited by the DCC Leadership Council to serve on Leadership Council Committees    
Can request priority support from DCC team, especially for production services    
Can participate in gathering(s) of DCC Members  
Member Benefits last updated, March 29, 2023