Our Work

The Digital Credentials Consortium is exploring how recent advances in credential data standards and cryptographically signed credentials can be used to rethink the way we recognize and transact with academic achievements.

Building on earlier efforts by the participating institutions, we are designing a governance system and technology infrastructure for academic credentials—transforming credentials into tokens of social and human capital that can create new opportunities for participation in education and industry.

As a learner, this will allow you to:

  • Maintain a compelling and verifiable record of your lifelong learning achievements to share with employers
  • Receive your credentials digitally and safely
  • Own all of your credentials forever without having to ask/pay your institution for a transcript ever again
  • Compile and curate credentials you receive from multiple educational institutions

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For institutions, digital verifiable credentials enable you to:

  • Keep and distribute learner records in a way that is easy, safe, and inexpensive
  • Remove the risk of identity fraud
  • Issue multiple credentials to a single learner easily, using the same streamlined process

Our Activities

Standards Support

The DCC contributes to the efforts of open standards bodies that foster interoperability and collaboration around verifiable credentials including:

And DCC works with 1EdTech on Open Badges and the Comprehensive Learner Record.

Ecosystem Map

Through the convening of stakeholders representing higher education, workforce boards, human resources platforms, advocacy groups and think tanks, the DCC collaborated on mapping the Learning and Employment Record (LER) Ecosystem. This digital tool describes the LER lifecycle and the workstreams and interactions between key stakeholders, including the value proposition for learners, administrators, and employers. Visit the LER Ecosystem Map.

Open Source Software

All of the software developed by DCC for issuing and verifying credentials, its wallet and verifier, and underlying libraries are open source and available on Github.

Credential Issuing

The DCC maintains open source software and code libraries to issue verifiable academic digital credentials. Organizations and individuals can run stand alone credential issuing software or integrate DCC libraries to issue credentials from their own locally developed software.

Wallet for Digital Academic Credentials

The DCC Learner Credential Wallet (LCW) is an open source mobile application for storing and sharing academic achievements with verifiable credentials that is available for iOS and Android.

Verification of Digital Academic Credentials

Supported digital academic credentials can be verified at DCC’s VerifierPlus website. This fully functional verifier is one of many verification sites we envision for digital academic credentials.


The DCC maintains a number of registries to enable a verifier to confirm that a given Verifiable Credential was signed by a known issuer. DCC’s registries include: